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Aluminum Casting Heater

Aluminum Casting Heater

Constructional feature:

Cast in heater are made by placing a suitable formed Tubular Heating elements in a mould, supporting it and finally casting it with aluminum. These heater have very high rate of Heat transfer because of high conductivity of aluminum.

Standard forms of cast in Heater Include Square, Rectangular, Circular and oval. However These list are not Exhaustive. Modern Radiant heating can provide you with any shape.

Please contact us for your specific demand and order.

Flange Heater

Flange Heater

These Heater are used to Heat Fluid In Process Industries. The Fluids are generally Oil and Water but to Some Industries these Heaters are also used to Heat Gases and Air.

These Heater Have the Advantage in the sense that direct Heating is provided to the fluid in consideration. Hence these Heater have the Heating efficiency close to 100%.

In order to Manufacture These Heater Details Such as flange dimentions, Immersion Depth, Power Rating, Type of Fluid to be Heated are Required.

For any information or queries please feel free to contact us.

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Cartridge/Pencil Heaters

Cartridge/pencil Heater

Modern Radiant Heating provides you with cartridge heater of mainly three types depending upon the sheath wattage density:

1.Low density cartridge heaters
2.Medium density cartridge heaters
3.High density cartridge heaters

Constructional features:

Construction of cartridge involve two types:
1. Standard construction
2. Swaged construction

1. standard construction: standard construction involves placing resistance coil into a preformed ceramic former having holes to support the core. This assembly is then kept in metal sheath and subsequently filled with pure MgO. This type of construction is suitable for low and medium watt density.

2. swaged construction: swaged construction involves precisely winding of resistance wire onto a cylindrical MgO core. This assembly is then placed in a metal sheath, filled with extremely pure Mgo Powder and subsequently compressing it to final dimension. Compressing ensures high dielectric strength and rapid heat transfer.

More information can be found on our product catalogue. For enquiry and order contact us

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Corrugation Heater/Calendar M/c Heater

These Heater are use in corrugation machines, which corrugates the paper in zig zag form, by application of heat on the rolls. We manufacture these heater with heating element OD 10.6mm and 11mm. We Manufacture These Heater of the following size:

M/C 36″ to 76″ With Power @ 9kw to 18kw

For any Other Custom Design or Sizes information or queries contact us

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Ceramic Heater

Bobbin Heater

Bobbin Heater

Bobbin heater are constructed by supporting the active resistance wire in an insulating refactory material and a terminating block at the top and bottom. These heater can be use to heat air dirctly or they can be used with a metalic sheath to heat semi-liquid and liquid such as water, oil, wax, fats, and bitumen.
Sheating material used by Modern Radiant Heating Includes Mild Steel and Nickle-chromium steel.
These Heater are made for single and three phase power supply.
For more details and standard sizes available with us, contact us.

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Ceramic Band Heater/knuckle Heater

Ceramic heaters have obtained a reputation over its mica counterparts in the matter that much high wattage density can be applied to such heater and on the other hand have a very Long heater life.

-Long Heater life
-High wattage density can be applied

-High Heating time required during start up
-Any leakage of material can get between the knucles which may result in heater failure.

Construction feature:

These Heater are manufactured using High Quality steatite ceramic blocks which ensures high dielectric strength and high thermal stability. Inside these ceramic blocks are precisely wound high quality resistance wire passed making it a single supporting unit. Other feature includes termination type which includes fiber glass wire termination or porcelain connector or any other type of termination demanded by the client. You can also read this Article on to get the most out of your Band Heaters

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Air Heating Elements

Finned Air Heating Element

Air Heating Elements/Air Heater as the name suggest is use to Heat air to desired temperature.
Air Heater are Tubular Heating Elements with fin or without fin. A fin attached to such element ensures rapid heat transfer from the
heating element and results in lowering the working temperature of the heating element thus results in long life of the heating element.
We uses Galvanized fins which results in rapid heat transfer not only by convection but also by radiant heat transfer. However we can also provide fin in MS and SS also.

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Tubular Heating Element

a typical Tubular Heating element

Tubular Heating element is consider to the most versatile and suits to almost any industry. Modern Radiant Heating can provide you with any specified form and shapes.For common types of shapes a tubular heating elements comes in can be found in our product catalogue.

Constructional Feature:
A tubular Heating element is constructed by precisely centering a resistance coil inside a metal sheated tube, which is then filled with pure MgO powder and subsequently compressed to increase the dielectric strength and high rate of heat transfer. It is then formed into desired shape.

Products under Tubular Heating Element Includes
-Immersion Heaters
-manifold Heaters
-finned heater
-U shaped Tubular Heater
-M shaped tubular Heater and various other forms…

for more information and order contact us

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Infrared Heater

infrared Heater

Infrared Glass heater Manufactured by Modern Radiant heating emits Most of the Thermal radiation in the Medium wavelength range.
The radiation emitted by these heater are of diffuse type and thus heating the material to be heated uniformly. We manufacture these heater in two standard size however we can supply it with any other specified size. These Heaters are used in Value addition Machine, Paper processing machine, Plastic processing Machine, Thermoforming. These Heaters find competition with Tubular and Frame/Chamber Heaters.

For More details and your queries contact us.

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Custom Design Heater

If You can’t find Your Desired Heater from the above, Don’t worry, We can Design and manufacture custom heater Specific to your requirement. The General procedure is as follow:

  1. Conceptualization of your Heating Requirement
  2. Discussion on the type of heater suitable for the requirement
  3. Rough Conceptualize Drawing and Rough Quotation
  4. Client Accept the Rough Quotation
  5. Computer Aided Drawing is prepared and Discussed
  6. Revision to drawing is made, if required
  7. Drawing/3d model is confirmed by the client
  8. Final Quotation is made and is Accepted by the client.
  9. Manufacturing initialization
  10. Delivery
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